Potholders Recieved!


Woo hoo! I totally scored on my first Potholder Pass! 

So on the left we have the potholders (of which you can only see one, but they're identical). Then, on the right, is a matching dishtowel (!), a matching card (!!), red matching binder clips (!!!), cherry lip gloss (!!!!), AND a wonderful little notebook and pen (!!!!!)!!!
I absolutely love love love the color combo! The addition of black looks so good, I'm usually afraid of black when I make things but this is so inspiring!! And the adorable bird has what looks like a super tiny zigzag stitch as it's feet, what a neat idea! EEEEEK! I can't wait for Round 3!

Thank you Susan!!

/exclamation points

Skirt for Rylyn Jane

My niece turned 5 at the beginning of March! It's crazy how fast they grow. Anywho, to celebrate her fifth anniversary, I whipped her up a skirt with the help of this tutorial. While there is also a kid friendly version, I point you to this tute because I did the onseam pockets. And really, I was only inspired by the tute, my skirt is sewn differently in most places, but the idea was the same. 

The fabric is from MoMo's Wonderland line! MoMo's latest line with Moda, Freebird, is adorable and I think you should check it out. Not quite as elaborate as Wonderland or Oddysea, but I love it all the same.

Thanks for stopping by!!



Well hello there. It's been a while since I've posted an entry, and I feel bad because one of my goals is to keep up on this blog! Alas, my creative spirit has been a bit low and I've been trolling for inspiration. Usually I can find it fairly easily, yet this month it was escaping me. Not that there is a lack of awesome things out there,  it's just that nothing was calling out to me. Creativity block perhaps? Does that even exist??!! Well, something happened. One of those things that make you feel all warm and fuzzy. Someone was looking out for me.

This lovely arrived in the mail the other day. Fellow blogger, amazing watercolorist, and swap-bot friend Jennifer Mclean sent it. I love reading her blog because she gets so excited about her art and she writes in a style that I just get. Plus, like I said, she's an amazing artist! She did this 5X7 painting (called "Together") along with a few others and blogged about it, and I commented saying this one was my fave. Magically, the very same painting was in my mailbox a few weeks later! I was so surprised, I went and checked to see if I had inadvertently entered in a giveaway (it's happened before!). Nope. The back of it is styled like a postcard and says, "Since you commented on how much you liked this painting, I thought I'd send it to you." Just like that. Are you serious? I can't believe it! It was just the sort of inspiration I was searching for! I mean, I love the painting, but a huge part of the inspiration it brought is nestled in the random act of kindness it represents. I can't even say how perfectly timed it's arrival was! This post is dedicated to you, Jenn. I want to show what your wondermousness did for me. In addition to making up new words, that is.

One of the projects on my to-do list was the Potholder Pass 2. While the swap is sender's choice, I still wanted to make something my partner would love. I simply could not find the motivation or inspiration. So this project sat in the back of my head for a while. When I received Jenn's painting, I was so touched and so inspired that I sat down at my sewing machine and just did whatever came into my head. And yes, I made potholders. Big whoop. But I hadn't sewn anything in weeks, people. Warm and fuzzies!
This isn't the only thing I've made the last few days, but I want to save those projects for another post. In honor of Jenn's habit of posting random pictures of her pet, I will leave you with a picture of mine.

(for the record, this is not her bed. this is my chenille stash. lower to the ground and thus easier to access is my terry cloth stash, which is much less expensive and apparently so not worth her lounging time. can't wait until she's big enough to reach the minkee on the next shelf up.)

Thank you, Jenn!

This week I...


1. Discovered that my boyfriend is an amazing artist.

(oil on canvas...the beginning of a new piece)

(mixed media on canvas: oil paint, silver/gold/copper leaf, digital media, bee's wax)

2. Let my fabric scraps be kitten toys.

(the elastic from a thrifted bedsheet)

(some leftover strips that I taped to the side of my cutting table)

3. Made a mess of my studio with a hodge podge of projects to keep my mind off of my troubles.

(one completed curtain panel for my fabric cabinet)

(queen size quilt for my parents...still in pieces)

4. Shot some still life photography in my messy studio.

All in all, I'd call it a win. How was your week?