I have yet to bloggerize one of the key ingredients in any artist's life: INSPIRATION. Luckily, it's everywhere and therefore not hard to talk about. The hard part is narrowing it down. How many feeds can I subscribe to? I sure am grateful to have access to all these blogs and websites that I follow. But wow does my brain get full! I have these moments of excitement where I forget how to speak. Here are some things I've picked out, in no particular order.

via Paper Crave (above photo and following two photos)

I love the stitching on paper. So cute!!

I always see this shelf in crafty rooms. I love it. Ikea has one, but they would like over $60 to ship it to me. Sad face.

Even something as simple as a calender on a board makes me swoon.
P.S. there's a PDF of this calender in the blog credited above. Do it.

 a dress made with Anna Maria Horner fabric! So cute.

Birch Fabrics for Monaluna "Circa 50" new fabric line, comes out in March!

So, after writing up this blog guess what happened. Duh, I totally got inspired!! I going to re-do my craft room. It's going to be glorious. I need a hardware store and a priest, stat. 


Henry and Owlie


I made Owlie for Henry and sent it of to Chicago with the Brie Quilt. I think it turned out well for my first time! Perhaps, for more ease of use, I should have used just cotton instead of minky and chenille. But nothin's too good for my poo. 
After it arrived in Chicago Brie sent me a video of Henry playing with Owlie, and he loves it! He's very picky about his toys, but he took to Owlie immediately. Gotta Love that poodle.

And here's Henry and me in July of 2008. 

Wendy Slotbloom's "Frolic" for In The Beginning Fabrics


I'm obviously totally in love with Wendy Slotbloom. In addition to her other lines (see them here ) "Frolic" (entire collection here ) is an awesome example of fun, bright colors, and whimsy. Owls, woodpeckers, raccoons, squirrels, and even a treasure map are included in this line, along with her signature florals and some checks. The squirrel treasure map has to be my favey fave, I'm a sucker for line drawings and the movement of the squirrels reminds me of my kitten jumping across our furniture. ;) Hey, don't forget to check out Lilypond, Feathered Friends, or Bloom. They all just make me happy!

Did you know that In The Beginning Fabrics is local to Washington State? While owner Sharon Evans Yenter has created quite a following for herself with such adorable fabric lines as Housework Whenever!, her son Jason also designs for the company, and other designers such as Keri Beyer are rapidly gaining in popularity.

blowing the dust off my bloggerness....

Just completed the quilt that was never meant to be a quilt; by that, I mean this quilt started out as an experimental backing for another quilt. It turned out to be just too much awesome for one quilt, and I made it into its own.
It uses designer fabrics by Wendy Slotbloom (Bloom), Amy Butler (Daisy Chain), Heather Ross (Lightening Bugs and Other Mysteries), Lizzy House (Red Letter Day), Robert Kaufman (Hot Couterier), and Patricia Bravo (Art Gallery) in addition to some other (unidentified) pieces. Since this was suppose to be a backing, I pretty much went through my scrap bin and picked out pieces that coordinated. A plain white backing, simple quilt on the diagonal, and a fun curvy border finishes it off. Soon it'll be off to Chicago, but not before I experiment in a new plush toy for Henry....and yes, I'll take pictures of that, too.
Next project (aside from the plushy): a queen sized quilt for my parent's bed. Biggest quilt attempted to date. *nerves*