Running Late...


I had to work later than planned today so I'm a bit late in posting this...but here's my project for Friday Night Sew In!

Skrits for Haiti: check out I Have To Say for details!

I also cut a bunch of strips for the Stamp Quilt Sew Along, but I can't find my camera to post those pics!.
I found my camera!! Woo hoo!=D
Here are the strips I cut (I lost count how many exactly, but I was stripping for over two hours!).



Here's what I came up with when I reorganized my studio.

The pegboard is SOOPER cool. I spray painted it yellow, then waited a bit for it to dry (but not too much, you want it a little tacky), then I laid some old lace yardage I had on top and spray painted with green. Remember, the lace will be covered in spray paint and therefore never again the same. (So, uh, don't use grandma's.)
Those miniature galvanized steel buckets are my new favorite thing. They are $1 (!) each at Michaels and they are so handy, super cute, and I'm totally obsessed.
The metal hooks for the pegboard came in a kit for like $8. Right now I'm only using about half of them.

sorry for the dark shot.

And here's what came in the mail the other day:

Kona jelly rooolllll! I got it from the quilter's daily deal; I think I paid $9.95 or something ridiculous. (seriously, they change it everyday and there's always a RAD deal!!) Maybe I'll make a gradient quilt...or I dunno. I really like what Cherry House Quilts does with solids. Anywho, I thought I'd take a picture before it gets torn apart! It's so pretty!

Finally, here's the fabric I chose for my Skirts for Haiti project.

The polka dot print is a repurposed sheet I got from Whimsie Dots, and the green is quilting weight cotton. I'm saving the project for tomorrow night for Friday Night Sew In.

Well...I suppose that's it for now. I'll leave you with a picture from my new blog banner photo shoot.


Manic Mosaic


Hey dudes! I am totally grateful to one of my blog followers for making an excellent suggestion as to my inspiration overload. She recommended mosaics. I've seen them around, hanging out and mocking me, but I never knew where to go to make one! Until now. Here goes.

I'm really into a fresh color palette right now. Der.
I hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend. Now get back to work! =) 




The other day I decided to design a dress to wear for the upcoming wedding season (I've already got a few save-the-dates on my fridge!) and I found an amazing picture for inspiration. 

Oh man. My style is pretty simplistic and while I greatly admire this designer's aesthetic, it's generally a bit out of my realm. But surprises are around every corner. Like this little number. And this headline: "Fashion Loses an Icon:  Alexander McQueen Found Dead at Age 40."

I refuse to let this blog turn into 2010's death list. Instead, I wish to pay my respects to an amazing designer.

And look freakin' hot at these summer weddings.




I found this at Cosmo Cricket's blog and I love it. I am a fan of FYIs. For example, 


What a Day.


Well, the silliest thing set me off. I got a text from a friend of mine.

"Captain Phil died today."

Whoa. Okay, seriously, I'm not usually a reality show person. But Deadliest Catch is amazing. I love it. My favorite Captain? Yep, Phil Harris. In fact, the whole crew of the FV Cornelia Marie. And now he's dead. 

So if the higher ups don't give us more than we can handle, why is their sense of humor so jacked? Why is it, when there are so many things that could have made me cry over the last few trying months, I lost it over the death of a reality show celeb? SERIOUSLY! I find out my good friend is having emergency surgery on her kidneys, and I cry over PHIL??!!

Maybe it's those baby blue eyes. But wow buddy, you got a hold on me. Apparently. Sheesh.
My answer to this, as it is to a lot of things, is to get back into my studio and create. Just do something. And I will show you what I've been working on in my next post. 
This post is for you, Phil.