Manic Mosaic


Hey dudes! I am totally grateful to one of my blog followers for making an excellent suggestion as to my inspiration overload. She recommended mosaics. I've seen them around, hanging out and mocking me, but I never knew where to go to make one! Until now. Here goes.

I'm really into a fresh color palette right now. Der.
I hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend. Now get back to work! =) 



Jennifer McLean said...

Oh Kristen!!!!! I LOVE it, wow. ALLtheCOLOR. I love color, actually, i'm awaiting special artist watercolor paints made by Holbein. They are the clearest, most color saturated watercolors on the market. I can't wait! I like the modern abstrat Love the best out of your mosaic.
I'm so glad you're doing mosaics too. :o)
~Jenn (jaemac)

Quilts on Bastings said...

Great mosaic - I love the Cathedral Windows Quilt!

beautifulordinary said...

@Quilts on Bastings eep! I totally linked that picture to the wrong blog. I have since corrected it, if you are interested. ;)

Amy said...

Thanks! I am honored to make your inspiration mosaic!

beautifulordinary said...

Yay! I love your quilt. I think I might try my hand at one...someday...=D