Here's what I came up with when I reorganized my studio.

The pegboard is SOOPER cool. I spray painted it yellow, then waited a bit for it to dry (but not too much, you want it a little tacky), then I laid some old lace yardage I had on top and spray painted with green. Remember, the lace will be covered in spray paint and therefore never again the same. (So, uh, don't use grandma's.)
Those miniature galvanized steel buckets are my new favorite thing. They are $1 (!) each at Michaels and they are so handy, super cute, and I'm totally obsessed.
The metal hooks for the pegboard came in a kit for like $8. Right now I'm only using about half of them.

sorry for the dark shot.

And here's what came in the mail the other day:

Kona jelly rooolllll! I got it from the quilter's daily deal; I think I paid $9.95 or something ridiculous. (seriously, they change it everyday and there's always a RAD deal!!) Maybe I'll make a gradient quilt...or I dunno. I really like what Cherry House Quilts does with solids. Anywho, I thought I'd take a picture before it gets torn apart! It's so pretty!

Finally, here's the fabric I chose for my Skirts for Haiti project.

The polka dot print is a repurposed sheet I got from Whimsie Dots, and the green is quilting weight cotton. I'm saving the project for tomorrow night for Friday Night Sew In.

Well...I suppose that's it for now. I'll leave you with a picture from my new blog banner photo shoot.



live a colorful life said...

that pegboard is too cool. And the view from your sewing machine? Totally jealous. Oh, wait. It's because you live in the Pacific Northwest. Yeah. Totally jealous about that too! and the jelly roll. And the price you paid for the jelly roll. What?? Have a good time sewing Friday night. That's what I plan on doing too.

beautifulordinary said...

I may have exaggerated, I think I paid closer to $15 for the jelly roll...but still! You have to check out the link for the Quilter's Daily Deal!
And yeah, I lucked out with my view. It just so happens that the room with the view and deck is the smaller of the two bedrooms. =D

Jenawin said...

This is JennieGee from swapbot (I show up as Jenawin in the followers list) Great looking blog!Very cool! Feel free to rate as soon as you have the time.

ROOTMIX.blogspot.com said...

love your studio pics! and the idea of swimming in a sea of awesome!!!

i dare you to try... making a collage, blindfolded!!!


beautifulordinary said...

ROOOOTMIX you are brilliant! I'm gonna do it!

Amy said...

The lace is a super cool idea! I love it! I am jealous of your big space!

beautifulordinary said...

Thanks! I got the idea from a book called "The Big Ass Book Of Crafts". I bought the book solely based on it's name (hehe) and it turns out it's actually really good!