About Beautiful Ordinary

Beautiful Ordinary started as the name of my clothing line in school. It means to see everything as it is, and how lucky we are to see it. I am lucky to be able to share with you what I make, what I learn, what I mess up and what I accomplish. I make quilts because they tell a story, even if you don't mean for it to happen and even if you're the only one who knows that story. I make clothing for kids because they have no sense of what is ordinary, everything to them is extraordinary. And I make everything else because there is always more to tell.
Since 2008, anything creative I've done is placed under the umbrella of Beautiful Ordinary. Even my own name I sign "for Beautiful Ordinary". It reminds me why I create, what my vision is, and encourages me to make progress. And I say that "I'm Into Being Into Things" because it's true! I like to dabble in a little bit of everything when it comes to being creative. I've done paintings, photography, graphic design, fabric design, and scrapbooking in addition to the more common crafts you see on this blog. And eventually I'll get into more things. On my list: soap making, knitting/crochet, felt florals, embroidery, ribbon work, and furniture restoring. As long as I live I want to have something to do with my hands, so I'm not afraid of having a big "to do" list. I'll get there. And in the meantime, I'll enjoy the journey.