The other day I decided to design a dress to wear for the upcoming wedding season (I've already got a few save-the-dates on my fridge!) and I found an amazing picture for inspiration. 

Oh man. My style is pretty simplistic and while I greatly admire this designer's aesthetic, it's generally a bit out of my realm. But surprises are around every corner. Like this little number. And this headline: "Fashion Loses an Icon:  Alexander McQueen Found Dead at Age 40."

I refuse to let this blog turn into 2010's death list. Instead, I wish to pay my respects to an amazing designer.

And look freakin' hot at these summer weddings.



The Simple Country Chick said...

This is thesimplecountrychick from swap-bot. I am now following your blog. I look forward to seeing your dress and I look forward to following your site.

beautifulordinary said...
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beautifulordinary said...

Hi fellow swap-botters,
Some people have let me know that my comments aren't working, but I can't figure out what the issue is. So if you have a problem commenting, make sure you send me a message on swap-bot so I can rate you!

Jennifer McLean said...

Hi Kristen,
I'm jaemac from swap-bot and I'm happily following you. I love your blog, it's so visually stimulating. You are so easy to read and you made me laugh several times, especially with the craft room redecoration... "I need a hardware store and a priest, stat!" LOL.

I have a hopefully helpful suggestion about the "problem" with having so many inspirations around you. I can SOOOOOO relate,lol. I found a blog that does a mosaic every Tuesday. Go here to Artmind ( and look at her mosaic. I find that winnowing down 7 days of pictures helps me see where I am trending every week. I get to see my unconscious artistic leanings, it REALLY helps.

Here's the mosaic link (, I don't use flickr, I just collect images to a folder on my computer then I can upload them using Skitch ( I make my mosaic then add a border using this site ( and I'm done. I write a post around that mosaic and add that post link to Artmind.

A benefit is it also helps get your blog out to the artistic community. I have at least 4 weeks of mosaics if you want to see how they look. ( It was so fun reading you. I will be back because it was so enjoyable the first time. :o)
Jennifer (jaemac)

FoundProdigalDaughter said...

Hi, you've got some great posts and I look forward to reading more in the coming days. From Tinkergirl at Swapbot.