What a Day.


Well, the silliest thing set me off. I got a text from a friend of mine.

"Captain Phil died today."

Whoa. Okay, seriously, I'm not usually a reality show person. But Deadliest Catch is amazing. I love it. My favorite Captain? Yep, Phil Harris. In fact, the whole crew of the FV Cornelia Marie. And now he's dead. 

So if the higher ups don't give us more than we can handle, why is their sense of humor so jacked? Why is it, when there are so many things that could have made me cry over the last few trying months, I lost it over the death of a reality show celeb? SERIOUSLY! I find out my good friend is having emergency surgery on her kidneys, and I cry over PHIL??!!

Maybe it's those baby blue eyes. But wow buddy, you got a hold on me. Apparently. Sheesh.
My answer to this, as it is to a lot of things, is to get back into my studio and create. Just do something. And I will show you what I've been working on in my next post. 
This post is for you, Phil.