I have yet to bloggerize one of the key ingredients in any artist's life: INSPIRATION. Luckily, it's everywhere and therefore not hard to talk about. The hard part is narrowing it down. How many feeds can I subscribe to? I sure am grateful to have access to all these blogs and websites that I follow. But wow does my brain get full! I have these moments of excitement where I forget how to speak. Here are some things I've picked out, in no particular order.

via Paper Crave (above photo and following two photos)

I love the stitching on paper. So cute!!

I always see this shelf in crafty rooms. I love it. Ikea has one, but they would like over $60 to ship it to me. Sad face.

Even something as simple as a calender on a board makes me swoon.
P.S. there's a PDF of this calender in the blog credited above. Do it.

 a dress made with Anna Maria Horner fabric! So cute.

Birch Fabrics for Monaluna "Circa 50" new fabric line, comes out in March!

So, after writing up this blog guess what happened. Duh, I totally got inspired!! I going to re-do my craft room. It's going to be glorious. I need a hardware store and a priest, stat. 



Anita said...

Congratulations! Beautiful blog! Hugs from Costa Rica!!!