blowing the dust off my bloggerness....


Just completed the quilt that was never meant to be a quilt; by that, I mean this quilt started out as an experimental backing for another quilt. It turned out to be just too much awesome for one quilt, and I made it into its own.
It uses designer fabrics by Wendy Slotbloom (Bloom), Amy Butler (Daisy Chain), Heather Ross (Lightening Bugs and Other Mysteries), Lizzy House (Red Letter Day), Robert Kaufman (Hot Couterier), and Patricia Bravo (Art Gallery) in addition to some other (unidentified) pieces. Since this was suppose to be a backing, I pretty much went through my scrap bin and picked out pieces that coordinated. A plain white backing, simple quilt on the diagonal, and a fun curvy border finishes it off. Soon it'll be off to Chicago, but not before I experiment in a new plush toy for Henry....and yes, I'll take pictures of that, too.
Next project (aside from the plushy): a queen sized quilt for my parent's bed. Biggest quilt attempted to date. *nerves*


Ben said...

"Sorry I couldn't sleep, I was up bloggin'".

I got a kick out of that.