Potholders Recieved!


Woo hoo! I totally scored on my first Potholder Pass! 

So on the left we have the potholders (of which you can only see one, but they're identical). Then, on the right, is a matching dishtowel (!), a matching card (!!), red matching binder clips (!!!), cherry lip gloss (!!!!), AND a wonderful little notebook and pen (!!!!!)!!!
I absolutely love love love the color combo! The addition of black looks so good, I'm usually afraid of black when I make things but this is so inspiring!! And the adorable bird has what looks like a super tiny zigzag stitch as it's feet, what a neat idea! EEEEEK! I can't wait for Round 3!

Thank you Susan!!

/exclamation points


Jennifer McLean said...

Hi Kristen,
wow, good score! ... speaking of swapping on swap-bot... I'm in an internet swap for comments and followers so in the next few days 20 people will be visiting my site. This is the reason I decided to bump a post scheduled for tomorrow to today! You see, m'lady, the post is about YOU. :o) I was reluctant to put it on today because I surely didn't want you to think it was an April Fool's Day joke, it;s NOT. I bumped it up to today because I want you to benefit from the 20 visitors too! Hopefully they'll click through to see your awesomeness. :o) Anyway, come on over and see what I wrote. HEehee!

Kristen said...

You rock Jenn!

....Petty Witter said...

Hi Kristen, I saw you mentioned on Jennifer's Just Add Water, well done on your award, and thought I'd stop by to say hello.

A great blog, I'm really envious of you arty/crafty folks, I've enjoyed visiting and having a look around. Best wishes.