This week I...


1. Discovered that my boyfriend is an amazing artist.

(oil on canvas...the beginning of a new piece)

(mixed media on canvas: oil paint, silver/gold/copper leaf, digital media, bee's wax)

2. Let my fabric scraps be kitten toys.

(the elastic from a thrifted bedsheet)

(some leftover strips that I taped to the side of my cutting table)

3. Made a mess of my studio with a hodge podge of projects to keep my mind off of my troubles.

(one completed curtain panel for my fabric cabinet)

(queen size quilt for my parents...still in pieces)

4. Shot some still life photography in my messy studio.

All in all, I'd call it a win. How was your week?


zukablue said...

I love your macro-function pictures! Those are really pretty, especially the paint one. My week has been HECTIC... I have a huge paper so I have not seen the light of day. I am trying to have it all finished before I pick my friends up from the airport tomorrow- egat! Thanks for sharing the posts. See you soon! After this week is over, I should have a bit more time to pinball. Hope to see you Saturday :)

randi said...

i love that curtain panel! the patched lower edge is adorable!


Ben Clawson said...

Kristen said...

Thanks Randi!

Des said...

HEY, I've always wondered what to do with that big 'ole piece of elastic that I RIP from my thrifted sheets!!

Cat toy...brilliant.

need cat.

Kristen said...

If they aren't attached to the casing (like the one in the photo is) I save them for other projects!