FNSI--For Reals.


If there are any Friday Nite Sew In peeps still out there, these were my projects for 4/16. If you're asking, "What the heck is Friday Nite Sew In?!" Please check out the button in my left side column. I'll make an arrow since sometimes I forget which way is left (see also: previous post about not knowing how to read a calender...).
<==== Left. (yay me!)

Project #1: Rylyn Jane's quilt - added borders, ruffles, and batting/backing.

If you'd like to know how I made this guy, check out the "Postage Stamp Quilt Along" button in my left (see above) sidebar.

The borders, ruffles, and orange stripe squares are actually bed sheets! There are many schools of thought on using bed sheets in quilts; I happen to love it. So I'm doing it. So there. =)
Have you ever used bed sheets in your quilts? What did you think?

The other squares came from April Cornell's line Spring Magic by Moda. It came as a honey bun, and if you read the quilt along tutorial you'll see how great a help that was. I actually have another postage stamp quilt in the works, with a completely different color palette and no honey bun cheating.

Project #2: Mom and Dad's quilt - finished piecing the top.

Hello, biggest quilt to date. This queen size mutha is a design all my own. It's pretty simple, but I wanted it that way because I knew I was going for a scrappy look. My mom picked out (most of) the fabrics, which was a fun shopping trip. I, of course, have added my own bits here and there (hello, Carolyn Gavin print!) which I think adds my signature without being too blatant.

This quilt is so big that I literally could only work on the individual blocks for each row two columns at a time. With the help of a bunch of graph paper and white out, I made a last minute decision to add the horizontal sashing. I love how it turned out. It really balances the scrappyness, gives it cohesiveness. What do you think?

Well, that's all from me for now. If you haven't yet, check out my previous post. It's like a FNSI twofer.