It's totally a new post!
Ok I haven't been totally ignoring the blog (again..). If you'll notice we now have an updated About Me section and three new sections: About Beautiful Ordinary, Hire Me, and Contact. I also haven't been totally ignoring my sewing machine either, but the project I was working on was rather...well, boring. Ben's clinical portion of his quarter starts tomorrow (that's not the boring part!), and I was making him scrubs (boring part). Sorry babe. Although, focusing on the positive, I was able to brush up on some basic apparel making skillz while sewing three tops and one pant. Initially I was going to make two pairs of pants, but I'm sooo not the biggest fan of sewing pants and luckily found a $3 pair at the thrift store. Yay for not having to make two! Oh, and while two of the tops are your basic blue, the third is from Moda's "Goodnight Monkey" line featuring monkeys and bananas!
Aside from Scrubsland USA I've been deciding what to do with my life. Pretty much. It's a big decision. Lots of research involved. Well, I seriously found my solution in the craziest way possible; I Googled it. I asked Google if Google thought it was a good idea for me to get a Bachelor's degree or a second technical degree. I know, what the heck was I thinking? But, against all odds, it lead me to Western Washington University's Fairhaven College for Interdisciplinary Studies. Which is awesome for many reasons, the main one being: UPSIDE DOWN DEGREE PROGRAM. It's a category of concentration within the college that allows you to transfer a (seemingly) non-transferable degree into a Bachelor program. Specifically designed for people like me who want to expand their original discipline but don't want to go back and take all the general education blah dee blahs that a regular transfer degree would require. SO. That means, pending acceptance, I will get my cake and eat it too. How freaking great is that?? My degree comes from regular Western, I can take classes at regular Western, I can create my own program, I have access to regular Western perks...ahh. I'm stoked.
So that's what what right now. I hope ya'll had a great weekend! I'll come around more often, I promise.